“LMRC is where a diversity of needs is met with care, compassion, cultural safety and competency to help you achieve wellness and your fullest potential.”

Research Project Changing Black Youths Futures

The LaSalle Multicultural Resource Center is currently undertaking a research project titled, Changing Black Youths Futures which examines the trajectory of Black youth from high school to work or higher education. The project runs until March 2023 and is funded by Heritage Canada. The goal of this research project is to understand the impacts of anti-Black Racism on the educational pathways of Black youth attending high school, adult learning centers or alternative schools on and off the island of Montréal.

In keeping with LMRC’s vision and mission to foster wellness for our community most of our programs are either free or affordable so everyone can benefit. Some programs include.

Tutoring for elementary and high school students

Research has affirmed the positive effects of tutoring and a key priority for LMRC is to maximize student’s outcomes; however, since many families cannot afford the high fees for tutoring, LMRC recognizes the potential to make the benefits of tutoring available to those that might not otherwise be able to afford it. Our individual and small group tutoring provided by volunteers in the education field enables the tutors to cater to the students individual learning styles, which in turn brings out the best in them. Call to secure a space for your child(ren).

Y-DREAM Leadership Program (Ages 12-18)and C-DREAM Leadership Program (Ages 7-11)

This project is designed to produce a multidimensional positive impact in the lives of children ages 7-11 and youths ages 11-18 by helping them gain essential leadership skills to succeed in school, in the community, at home and personal life through learning healthy nutrition, active physical living, volunteer service to the community, compassion to others and a positive self-esteem and sense of identity. Children and youths benefit from healthy meals, interactional games, including basketball, badminton, workshops, fun outings to stay holistically healthy and active.

The skill building activities will enhance their knowledge, expand their world view, and reduce risk factors for substance/drug use, criminal activities and strengthen their protective factors.

Early Developmental Program "Opening Doors for Equitable Child Development"

This program provides a safe space for parents to voice concerns, feel listened to, included, and valued. Through the best practice interactive workshops/ presentations from childcare professionals, parents  from a diverse cultural background will gain knowledge to develop early literacy, physical, cognitive and emotional skills in children from a young age; to identify developmental delay problems early and seek support before problems worsen,  to increase knowledge about Québec child protection laws and to safely integrate this into their own cultural values, practices  and sense of identity in raising children.

Parents will develop a voice to advocate in the interest of their children; gain tools to access Government childcare benefits, effectively budget with limited income, techniques to keep children safe so they can thrive and reduce stress, manage difficult behaviours of young children, develop healthy coping mechanism, prevent neglect, child abuse and stunting of children. Parents will have opportunity to network and reduce isolation, through the fun group outings financed by the program. Each parent will also receive a free basket “gift bundle” of goodies to pamper themselves and children, at the end of the program.

LMRC Summer Camp program

Summer camp experience can have a lasting impact on children’s development so LMRC ensures that our summer camp is affordable through a sliding scale so all children, can benefit. Raising an independent child means teaching responsibility, encouraging exploration, and providing a safe environment. LMRC camp focuses on educational, recreational athletic, cultural development, social skills, discipline, allowing children to foster personal and collective growth through a variety of stimulating self esteem building fun group activities, literacy and technological, art and craft, dancing and sports, learning the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Our camp generates a sense of community where children learn these new skills, in a nurturing, safe environment while transitioning to independence as they explore the world in a new and exciting way.

LMRC Computer and digital literacy training program

LMRC Computer literacy program is aimed to help participants learn to be comfortable using computers and related technology efficiently with skill levels ranging from elementary use to computer programming and advanced problem solving. This program will teach information literacy, digital literacy, and procedural literacy. You don’t have to have any beginning knowledge of computers, just be ready to relax, explore and learn. Our instructors are patient and compassionate.

In a modern world, becoming computer literate can increase skills for better communication, job opportunities, help us stay up to date to move in tandem with the global society, and be ready for future challenges and scenarios. 

Computers and digital devices saves time, helps us stay connected, reduce isolation, share knowledge and information with people around the world, interact with relatives and friends in real-time and do business. Children, adults, and elders can explore learning opportunities beyond books; so come and be part of this progressive group with LMRC special affordable contribution fee. Call us to get started anytime.

Mental Wellness Program LET-GO & DE-STRESS






D-etermine to





E-nergy with



This involves weekly relaxation with professional therapeutic dance instructors integrating light cultural drumming and simple stimulating movements. No experience is necessary to join and have fun with new friends while rejuvenating your physical and emotional wellbeing. Participants will benefit from Mental health awareness presentations, healthy tips, and discussions, some in person and virtually.

Emergency crisis intervention
support /relief

LMRC intervenes in individual and family situations to restabilize the distressing situation by either providing temporary counselling, referral for specialize services, medication support sanitary products, food voucher.

Back to school backpack with school items give away

LMRC annually provides backpacks with school supplies to children to help relieve parents of back-to-school financial stress.

Christmas giveaway, food baskets, toys warm pyjamas and slippers

Every year, LMRC collects and distributes warm pyjamas, slippers, gifts, toys and food to families.

Seniors and Youths Reconnecting Programs (SYRP)

This Seniors’ and Youths Reconnecting Program was a project initially supported and sponsored by the New Horizons for Seniors Program of Service Canada. It focuses on helping the different generations of seniors and youths bridge the intergenerational gap, learn new skills, gain a sense of purpose, help children without grandparents fill that void and learn to accept their own aging.

It invigorates seniors, reduces isolation, loneliness, depression and increases their cognitive and social stimulation, as they engage in transmitting traditional cultural values and keep family stories alive.

Sustaining Healthy Individuals, Families and Community (SHIFC)

This project is sponsored by LaSalle Borough through the urban security budget and has the components of both prevention and intervention of a best practice model. Children, parents, grandparents and extended family members will benefit from skill building, and family session on how to strengthen traditional, moral values, cope effectively with everyday stresses, build resilience, strengthen protective factors and reduce risk factors.

Support is extended to crisis intervention, home visits, and advocacy when necessary to stabilize the individual/family situation. LMRC operated the bullying project through this program and now operates the children & youth leadership program.

Seniors BRIC Project Building Resilience In spite of COVID

Seniors engage in activities, healthy cooking and baking, recipe experiment to reduce isolation and maintain a sense of belonging and connection. Selecting together the different cultural recipes to make, receiving a delivered parcel with the ingredients bi -weekly from LMRC and each senior making the recipe and discussing the process by zoom.

Seniors benefit from Workshop presentations on healthy habits, to reduce isolation and remain physically and mentally active and stimulated.