“It’s where a diversity of needs are met with care, compassion, cultural safety and competency to help you achieve wellness and your fullest potential.”


In keeping with LMRC’s vision and mission to foster wellness for our community members, we operate the following free programs and projects:


Seniors and Youths Reconnecting Programs (SYRP)

This Seniors’ and Youths Reconnecting Program was a project initially supported and sponsored by the New Horizons for Seniors Program of Service Canada. It focuses on helping the different generations of seniors and youths bridge the intergenerational gap, learn new skills, gain a sense of purpose, help children without grandparents fill that void and learn to accept their own aging . It invigorates seniors, reduces isolation, loneliness, depression and increases their cognitive and social stimulation, as they engage in transmitting traditional cultural values and keep family stories alive.


Sustaining Healthy Individuals, Families and Community (SHIFC)

This project is sponsored by the TA JG and LaSalle Borough and has the components of both prevention and intervention of a best practice model. Children, parents, grandparents and extended family members will benefit from skill building, and family session on how to strengthen traditional, moral values, cope effectively with everyday stresses, build resilience, strengthen protective factors and reduce risk factors. Support is extended to crisis intervention, home visits, and advocacy when necessary to stabilize the individual/family situation.


Seniors’ Social Club

Seniors engage in outings, crafts, card and board game activities, healthy cooking and baking, recipe experiment to reduce isolation and maintain a sense of belonging and connection.