Helpful Resources

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Addiction Services

Toxico-Stop Detoxifaction Center 

4858 Gouin East Boulevard Montreal-Nord QC H1G 1A2 

T: (514) 327-6017 

F: (514) 327-7494

A detoxification centre and residential re-intergration program for adults which offers short-term shelter, workshops, education, individual and group therapy.

Advocacy and Complaints

Consumers Protection

5199 Sherbrooke Est, Suite 3671 Montréal QC H1T 3×2

T: (514) 253-6556

Interacts with merchants to make sure that they respect their obligations towards consumers.

Alcoholics Anonymous

3920 Rachel E. Montréal QC H1X 1Z3 

T: (514) 350-3444

Group meetings for individuals with problems with alcohol.

Alzheimer Society Montréal

5165 Sherbrooke Street West Suite 410 Montréal QC H4A 1T6

T: (514) 369-0800

F: (514) 369-4103

Referral, clinical services such as individual and family counselling, support groups and monthly exchange groups, specialized education services at three activity centres, interactive workshops, education and awareness through conferences and training sessions.

Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cocaine Anonymous

1945 rue Papineau Montréal QC H2K 4J3 

T: (514) 527-9999

Group meetings for individuals who wan to stop using cocaine.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


The CAFC is mental agency in Canada that collects information and criminal intelligence on mass marketing fraud (telemarketing), advance fee fraud letters, internet fraud and theft complaints.

Curateur Public du Québec

600 Boul. René-Lévesque West Montréal QC H3B 4W9

T: 1-800-363-9020

The Curator is responsible for protecting incapacitated individuals. It educates the public about the protection needs associated with incapacity and supports families and close friends who are representing incapacitated individuals, administering the property of an incapacitated person or a minor or serving as members of a tutorship council.


T: (514) 527-2626

Referral and information for persons having problem with drugs, peers and family members and community workers.

Gambling Help and Referral

T: (514) 527-0140

Information, listening, support and referrals for compulsive gambling.

Government Services

Canada Revenue Agency 

305 René-Lévesque Boul W. Montréal QC H2Z 1A6 

T: 1-800-959-7383

The CRA administers tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories and administers various social and economic benefits and incentive programs delivered through the tax system. 

Health & Social Services 

To find the health and social services resources available in your area, you can visit the Santé Montréal Portal at www.santeMontré

You can also contact the Information and Referral Center of Greater Montréal at  514-527-1375 or get in touch with your local CLSC. For Lasalle # 5143642572 Address 855 Newman Boul LaSalle

The Home Adaptation for Senior’s Independence

Program provides financial assistance for people aged 65 or older, on low incomes, who need to make minor adaptations to their house or apartment in order to continue to live there safely and independently.

To determine eligibility contact TEL: 514-8724630. For further HOME ASSISTANCE contact :1-800-463-4315 or EMAIL: l infoshq@.qc.cashq.gouv 

Heart & Stroke Support Information 

Heart and Stroke Foundation 1434 Ste-Catherine Street West, Suite 500 Montreal, QC, H3G 1R4 TEL 514 871 1551 Fax: 514 871 9385 Website: Services Offered Helps create healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Mental Health and Wellness Services

6875 Décarie Boul. Suite 300 Montréal QC H3W 3E4

T: (514) 486-1448

F: (514) 486-6157

Tele-workshops over the phone or at home, roundtable, discussion, support groups and education programs on issues of mental health, caregivers. AMI-Québec’s tele-workshops are information sessions on mental health related issues offered over the telephone. Experts present different topics followed by a question and answer period. Families living in remote communities have access to English services where it is otherwise difficult. The service is FREE but you must register in advance by calling 1-866-396-2433 or by visiting www. You can also listen to previously-recorded tele-workshops on the AMI-Qubébec website. 

Overeaters Anonymous 

T: (514) 488-1812

Group meetings for individuals seeking help with overeating. 


Neighbourhood police stations in LaSalle/ Montréal

T: (514) 280-0114 

LaSalle or Montréal police

T: (514) 280-2222

8745 Blvd. LaSalle

Protecteur du citoyen (Protection of Citizens)

1080 Cote du Beaver Hall 

Located at 1080, côte du Beaver Hall, 10th Fl, Bur. 1000 Montréal, QC, H2Z 1S8 — TEL: (514) 873 2032 Fax: 1 866 902 7130 EMAIL ADDRESS: –WEBSITE: — The Québec Ombudsman prevents and corrects errors or injustices committed against any individual or group of individuals in connection with a Québec government ministry or agency, or an establishment in the health and social services network.

Pavillon Foster (in or out patient treatment for substance abuse)

Located at 3285 Cavendish Montreal, QC H4B 2L7 — TEL: 514-486-1304 –SERVICES OFFERED: Treatment and rehabilitation for people suffering from alcoholism, drug addictions or gambling problems.

Protection for CITIZENS

Elder Abuse : TEL :514-489-2287. — Info-Crime Québec: TEL: 1 800 811 1800. — Gas/Odour Detection. TEL: 514-598-3111 — Hydro Québec. TEL: 1 800 790 2424. — Poison Control Centre (Quebec): 1 800 463 5060

Quit Smoking

TEL: 1 866 527 7383.  WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: Provides tools and strategies to help you free yourself from tobacco or help you remain a non-smoker.

Régie de l’Assurance-Maladie

Located 425 Boul. de Maisonneuve West, suite #300 Montréal, QC, H3A 3G5 — TEL: 514-864-3411. WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: Health insurance card, prescription drug insurance, registration, eligibility, temporary stays outside Quebec, aid programs.

Régie des rentes du Québec

TEL: 1 800 463 5185. WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: The Régie ensures that the administration and operation of pension plans is in conformity with the Supplemental Pension Plans Act and promotes financial planning for retirement.

Réseau Juridique du Québec

Lawyers services  TEL:1 877 683 1815 — EMAIL ADDRESS:  — WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: Provides the general public, companies and other organizations, access to the Quebec legal system.

Revenu Québec

Located at 5199 Sherbrooke Est Montreal, QC, H1T 3X3 — TEL: 1 800 267 6299 — WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: Collects income taxes and consumption taxes to ensure the financing of public services and to administer various social programs.

Seniors Assist Montréal

Elder care Solutions (Private) TEL: (514) 571 0185 –EMAIL ADDRESS: info@saMontré — WEBSITE: www.saMontré –SERVICES OFFERED: Helps seniors and their families meet the challenges of aging. Offers a wide array of in-home services and seeks to promote quality of life and ensure clients retain their independence.

Seniors-Quebec – Information

WEBSITE: –Federal, provincial and some municipal information about the services, benefits, programs and initiatives available to seniors in Quebec.

Seniors Eligibility

You may be eligible for the Program if: • You are 65 years of age or older • You find it difficult to perform certain everyday activities in your home • Your total household income does not exceed certain maximum admissible levels that vary according to the number of people living with you and the municipality in which you live • Other conditions may apply. Contact ENGLISH: 1 800 277 9914 TTY- 1800-255-4786. FRENCH -1800-277-9915 

Suicide Prevention

TEL 1 866 277 3553 — Sûreté du Québec TEL: 514 310 4141 Tel-Aide P.O. Box 205, Station H Montréal, QC, H3G 2K7 TEL: (514) 935 1105 — EMAIL ADDRESS: –WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: Free and confidential listening service, helping victims of stress, anxiety, addiction and violence, and difficulty with relationships.

Support for Cancer patients & family

Canadian Cancer Society TEL: 1 800 939 3333 — EMAIL ADDRESS: — WEBSITE: –SERVICES OFFERED: Information and support for people living with cancer: patients, family, friends and caregivers.

Support  for  Diabetes patients & family  

Diabetes Quebec 8550 boul. Pie-IX, suite # 300 Montréal, QC, H1Z 4G2 TEL: 514-259-3422 — Fax: -514-259-9286 — EMAIL ADDRESS: — WEBSITE: —  SERVICES OFFERED: Phone line where people can ask questions about diabetes and treatment as well as be referred to health care services

Seniors (Help)

La Société d’habitation du Québec TEL: : 1 800 463 4315 — WEBSITE : — SERVICES OFFERED: Provides housing services for seniors.

Referral Helpline for Seniors. TEL: 514-527-0007 — WEBSITE: — services Referral Helpline for Seniors provide information and referral on requests concerning consumer’s problems, physical and mental health services, housing problems, home nursing services, financial help, legal aid and defense of rights and selfsupport groups. Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.


TEL: 514-353-2463. — EMAIL ADDRESS: — WEBSITE — SERVICES OFFERED:Help line, suicide prevention and references for seniors aged 60 and up. 7 days/week, 10:00am – 10:00pm.