LMRC was developed in response to the paucity of culturally relevant client-centred English services in LaSalle and Montréal community. (LMRC) ensures that everyone who knocks at the doors receives help so no one is ever turned away.

Services are free to ensure that those with low income can benefit from a wide range of services to reduce marginalized experience and at the same time contribute to the wellness and revitalization of LaSalle Montréal community.

One in four persons experience significant emotional difficulties and relational struggles involving, parenting, couple, family, employment and environmental stresses, immigrant adjustment issues, life cycle transitions, etc. LMRC believes in the empowering individuals to create their own plan through providing them with the essential tools to help them overcome barriers to make appropriate choices for themselves.

LaSalle Multicultural Resource Center provides social support services, counselling, training, skill building prevention, health promotion programs and services for individuals, children, youths, seniors, couples, groups and families. Services are provided by qualified, compassionate mental health and social support professionals with cultural safety, competencies skills. Our programs are client-centred and welcomes family involvement in clients healing process. 

If you or someone you know need our help and support, please call us today at (514) 367-3383 or email info@lmrcenter.org

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